Friday, 12 August 2011


I have completely neglected my blog in the month of July it seems! July was a strange month for me. It consisted of an extremity of nothingness to 2 blissful weeks. The first half, Vincent and I were trying our hardest not to spend any money at all in an attempt to have the most we could for Australia, so as you can imagine it's pretty hard to go anywhere or do anything without spending money. We turned into nanas and started 1000 piece jig saws and cross words! To be honest it was more fun than it sounds. One day in the future we'll look back on our old skint selves and laugh while remembering our hurting bank accounts!

26th July, we set off for Sydney from Rotorua. A smooth enough flight until suddenly we hit some turbulence. I've always been a good flyer but this turbulence made me slightly nervous, especially when it felt like the plane had suddenly dropped giving Vincent and I a huge shock! So we landed safely in Sydney and got the train into the city to find our hostel. Having done Kiwi Experience I was well accustomed to staying in backpackers and I don't mind at all. However. This is the worst one I've seen and I thought I had seen a couple of dodgys! But it was only for 2 nights and it was cheap so we got used to the 'slumming it' feeling haha. That night we just went out for drinks and dinner, not staying out too late to party as we wanted to get up early to make the most of our one full day in Sydney.

So we wake up and decide to go to a little French patisserie I had spotted before for breakfast. I am quite the fan of all things French so I enjoyed sitting with my crepe and coffee in this French styled bakery. This was when we spotted a hop on hop off tour bus in our Sydney Guide. We were planning on just going for it,exploring the city on our own. Although I had been on this same bus while in New York and found it was definitely the best way to see all of the city! There we were on the top of an open top double decker in Sydney, ducking to avoid branches and getting a great view of everywhere. We stopped off at the Opera House, took a few pictures as you do, and took a walk through the gardens. It was such a beautiful day! So lovely and warm in 'Winter'. Next stop - the fish market. Random. But we had a lovely BBQ seafood lunch (I've become more open to seafood since being in NZ, whereas at home I would never have really considered ordering it.)

Very windy on the bus..

Next stop we got off - Sydney Aquarium. This place was impressive! I loved going into the underwater tunnels and seeing sharks, sting rays, small whales, and all colours of fish swimming around and above you. We continued on our tour and took more pictures at the bridge and Opera House. By this stage we were getting tired and hungry again. I was hoping to get the Ferry to Manly Island and also climb the Tower at the bridge but at the time it felt like we had already done loads and would do it perhaps next time we come to Sydney! So we went out for some drinks and walked about China town finding somewhere to eat. We ended up eating at a lovely Indonesian restaurant. I love trying new things, and Indonesian food is definitely something I've never had the chance to try before!

So both Vincent and I had a lovely time in Sydney together. We had to get up super early in order to make a 6.20am flight to Brisbane! But that's for the next post!

Thanks for reading x