Thursday, 26 May 2011

KE - Day 1&2

Hey everyone! So I am currently on my Kiwi Experience...which basically means I am living on a bus for the next 3-4 weeks! Only started it on Wednesday and have already done so much!

So on the first day in Rotorua I did what is called 'The Swoop' where you basically swing towards the ground, super fast and from super high! They put you in what looks like a sleeping bag! 
This photo isn't me but it will give you an idea of what it's like. It is so much higher when you're up there about the pull the cord to swing down!! But so much fun!

Later that day we headed over to a place called Waitomo where the glow worm caves are. I chose to do the 3 hour black water rafting. This was A-Maze! So we get our very attractive wetsuits on...cave booties and helmet. Making our way into the cave it was so dark,taking a while for our eyes to adjust to using the torches on our helmets. So I have to say I kiiinda felt like Indiana Jones for all of 3 hours..climbing our way through rocks, jumping off waterfalls backwards in an underground cave, it was pretty awesome!! I really loved it..also towards the end they made you turn out your light so that you found your way out of the cave in the darkness,floating along in your tube! Although if you looked up, you could see glow worms all along the roof of the cave, so they acted as a guide to find your way out!

Stalactites and stalacmites, preetty cool!

The glow worms!

The next day we arrived in Taupo. I had arranged to do a bungee jump but the weather wasn't so good so it was instead we went to these natural hot pools that lead down to the Waikato the rain! It was so nice,really warm too despite the rain.

Ok so this obviously isn't a picture of me..I didn't bring my camera to this part so as not to get it damaged so thank you google for showing what it looks like! Now imagine about 20 of us crammed in here!

So I'm in Taupo for one more night, and next it's on to River Valley.
So far so good :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Elle's 21st, Hair Colours & NOTD

This weekend we had a few people around before going out for a night out for Elle's 21st as the main big celebration after us going to Auckland. It was a very fun night, dramatic and eventful but sure that's what makes it interesting and funny the next day!

Elle and I wore similar styled dresses so we would be twins!

These are our glittery nails..mine the hot pink, Elle's with the dark tips. Loving this and it's still on chip-free from friday. A hot pink shade of OPI with Katy Perry's OPI glitter polish over the top and voila!

In other news I coloured my hair on Thursday. I'm naturally a brunette but I have had blonde hair in my time. Over the past year or two I've dyed my hair quite a lot,always wanting to go blonder. I've put in a couple of pics of me over the past year.

Throughout my childhood I had a fringe and this time last year I took a notion to get another one! So on the left is with a full fringe and the right, a couple of months later growing into a side fringe.

On the left I had a bit of a home-dye accident where it went a gingery shade. When going blonde I know it's always safer to get it done professionally but I thought, meh it can't hurt! did! However, I actually grew to love being a 'strawberry blonde'! On New Years Day 2011 I dyed my hair brunette for the first time in absolute years. New Year new me eh? So on the right is a picture of me right before I came to New Zealand at the end of March when I re-coloured it darker...a reddy brown.

 And here we have the product of Thursday's colouring...I used nice 'n' easy foam hair colouring. I was very happy with how it is applied..So easy to do on your own! As for the's dark! I do like it though. I used the dark brown shade because I did want it dark. I am happy with the result..Elle and I look even more like twins now with our dark hair!

Recently I've been thinking about getting another full fringe.. Now that you've seen my blonde fringe what do you guys reckon? Yay or nay?!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Auckland, Shopping & Elle

My bank balance is a little sore right now. I mean, 4 days spent in Auckland with a shopaholic by the name Elle and it would be! However, I am not complaining because I have some lovely new things to show you all.

Side note: I can't actually afford to shop here..I wish!!

Ok well first off we have our little Mac haul...

I started off with the intentions of buying "just a wee blusher"..but oh my current favourite lipstick was running out. Oh a primer? I've never tried that before..Ok I'll take that too. Oh look a pump for my foundation (I bought it during my last trip to auckland but I didn't know it had no pump!). So my Mac collection is starting to grow!

One thing that has been bothering me lately is the skin around my eyes...
My eyes are normally just..normal. Although lately they've been getting pretty sensitive and dry to the point where when i put on my makeup it looks awwwful. No matter how much I moisturise by the way. I'd just been using regular facial moisturiser but bought a neutrogena eye cream because I figured it was a good brand to start by.
But (yes, unfortunately a 'but') it made the skin around my eyes sting so much and it didn't make much of a difference to the dryness. So I mentioned to the girl who was helping us in Mac..she was very good and gave me 2 samples of eye creams and a moisture concealer too! She also recommended I go to another counter and ask for a sample so I got a clinique I could see if it stung my eyes too.

So the Mac moisture lush was good, didn't sting, and did improve the dryness. I was using it morning and night and a couple of days later, a good improvement.

 I was in a pharmacy looking to find an eye mask of some sort to also moisturise my eyes..they didn't have any but the girl did give me a sample of a different clinique moisturiser,and it's basically the size of a regular eye cream! Very happy with it so far. Also trying the garnier roll on with a concealer in it. Very happy with it also! Let the moisturise mission continue....

Anyone else had problems like these in particular the eye area?? Or am I just a mutant?!

Just some more things I picked up! 

OPI was buy the base coat get the top coat free..I'm also on a mission to strengthen my nails. They used to grow so long and strong, now they peel, eek!

So as I mentioned in my last post..I am 6 foot 1. Now..imagine me in these! I wanted a pair of these, something different than high heels. Super comfy to walk in with the wedge. Love!

I got these green tailored trousers from Glassons, along with the brown and gold belt in the photo above. I also bought a dark grey leather jacket. I tried on the black and they only had medium..the smaller grey fitted better. I planned on getting black but when I saw the grey on,it seemed less I'm happy!

We went up to the top of the sky tower aswell. Super high and actually so much fun. We took loads of pictures up here..pretending to fall and such!

So anyway I had a perfect weekend away with Elle..a million laughs, cinema, shopping, good food, finding our way around the big city..perfecto!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I logged onto my account as usual today and got a lovely suprise :)

I was awarded this by the beautiful Hannah Michelle. I'm still quite new to this blogging, but Hannah Michelle was one of my very first followers, and her blog is one of my top favourites! So definitely check her out if you haven't already!

1. Thank and link back to the person who sent the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award recently discovered bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Seven things about myself..hmm...

1. I am just slightly short of 6 foot 1. Tall right? I was always one of the tallest girls in the year group going up through school. I used to hate it.. Now I love being tall :)

2. I really want a husky.

3. I am going to university in Glasgow, Scotland in September (getting in was my reason for taking a gap year)...but I really don't want to leave NZ then.

3. I can be very quiet and shy when I first meet people. I can take a while warming up to someone, it's nothing against the person it's just me. But once you get to know me you may have a hard time of shutting me up, as my family, best friends and boyfriend know all too well :D

4. I am addicted to facebook. I still go on when I know there'll be nothing there. I guess it's stemmed from procrastinating at exam time when I think to myself 'Ok maybe something has changed..I'll just go ahead and check'. 30 mins later..revision what?

5. I speak French. I'm not 100% fluent but I did it for 7 years. So I'd get by :)

6. I'm gonna be a doctor. Yikes.

7. My laugh changes..all the time. Sometimes I come out with a laugh I didn't even know I had! But i love love laughing :)

Now to award other girlies:

Elle, my New Zealand sister and best friend, the very one who introduced me to blogging!

Becka, I love her style, even the top bar on her blog is pretty cool.

Vonnie, she's got some great health and beauty tips.

Hope you enjoyed my facts about you know me slightly better!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sunshine? Check!

So another beautiful sunny day in New Zealand...


Camera? Check.

I got this camera for christmas and I love it. It's got a touchscreen and so many functions that I love experimenting with. I don't go anywhere without my camera over here.

Sun & Blue Skies? Check.

Favourite Tunes? Check.

I love love love Rihanna. Her music and she herself are beautiful. I'm going to her concert in Belfast on 30th September and I can't wait!

I'm starting to really like Nicki Minaj lately. She's not necessarily everybody's cup of tea but she really captured my attention with her song 'Moment 4 Life' and today I watched the video for 'Super Bass' and loved it! She's so different and colourful!

Ice Cold Drink? Check.

Sunnies? Check.

So yeah I had a lovely day today. Sunny warm days always make me smile...

Just a couple other pictures I took today:

Love these autumn colours.

...That's all for now :)

Spendin' Time In The Sky

I've become a pretty massive fan of one tourist attraction here in Rotorua...Skyline Skyrides. You travel in a gondola up to the top of a mount where you can see over all of Lake Rotorua, Rotorua itself and beyond. Pretty impressive! On a sunny day it's b-e-a-uutiful! :)

Here is a picture of meee standing at the top of the mount.

One of the biggest attractions of skyline skyrides is luge karting. I've already been loads of times and it's addictive! There are three tracks..scenic, intermediate and advanced. Advanced is a fast track of tight corners, a steep gradient and also a ramp to get air! So since I couldn't get a picture of myself on the luge I give you an idea of what it is..since I didn't know before I did it!

Another highlight of skyline skyrides is dining in the sky. Getting the gondola up at night means you can see the lights over the whole city... When you get up there, a buffet restaurant awaits! Food = happiness :)

excuse my evil red eyes..eek! pina coladas,yummm