Saturday, 7 May 2011

Spendin' Time In The Sky

I've become a pretty massive fan of one tourist attraction here in Rotorua...Skyline Skyrides. You travel in a gondola up to the top of a mount where you can see over all of Lake Rotorua, Rotorua itself and beyond. Pretty impressive! On a sunny day it's b-e-a-uutiful! :)

Here is a picture of meee standing at the top of the mount.

One of the biggest attractions of skyline skyrides is luge karting. I've already been loads of times and it's addictive! There are three tracks..scenic, intermediate and advanced. Advanced is a fast track of tight corners, a steep gradient and also a ramp to get air! So since I couldn't get a picture of myself on the luge I give you an idea of what it is..since I didn't know before I did it!

Another highlight of skyline skyrides is dining in the sky. Getting the gondola up at night means you can see the lights over the whole city... When you get up there, a buffet restaurant awaits! Food = happiness :)

excuse my evil red eyes..eek! pina coladas,yummm


  1. You need to go on the swing! Its brill:D
    Yum, pina coladas!:D

  2. woah! you are so lucky.
    i would LOVE to go travelling.
    your blog is so interesting! xx