Thursday, 26 May 2011

KE - Day 1&2

Hey everyone! So I am currently on my Kiwi Experience...which basically means I am living on a bus for the next 3-4 weeks! Only started it on Wednesday and have already done so much!

So on the first day in Rotorua I did what is called 'The Swoop' where you basically swing towards the ground, super fast and from super high! They put you in what looks like a sleeping bag! 
This photo isn't me but it will give you an idea of what it's like. It is so much higher when you're up there about the pull the cord to swing down!! But so much fun!

Later that day we headed over to a place called Waitomo where the glow worm caves are. I chose to do the 3 hour black water rafting. This was A-Maze! So we get our very attractive wetsuits on...cave booties and helmet. Making our way into the cave it was so dark,taking a while for our eyes to adjust to using the torches on our helmets. So I have to say I kiiinda felt like Indiana Jones for all of 3 hours..climbing our way through rocks, jumping off waterfalls backwards in an underground cave, it was pretty awesome!! I really loved it..also towards the end they made you turn out your light so that you found your way out of the cave in the darkness,floating along in your tube! Although if you looked up, you could see glow worms all along the roof of the cave, so they acted as a guide to find your way out!

Stalactites and stalacmites, preetty cool!

The glow worms!

The next day we arrived in Taupo. I had arranged to do a bungee jump but the weather wasn't so good so it was instead we went to these natural hot pools that lead down to the Waikato the rain! It was so nice,really warm too despite the rain.

Ok so this obviously isn't a picture of me..I didn't bring my camera to this part so as not to get it damaged so thank you google for showing what it looks like! Now imagine about 20 of us crammed in here!

So I'm in Taupo for one more night, and next it's on to River Valley.
So far so good :)


  1. I want to do that cave and the sleeping bag swoop!!:(
    Miss you!! glad your havin fun, i'm jeall!!

  2. Wow this looks amazing!! I am very jelous!! xx