Sunday, 22 May 2011

Elle's 21st, Hair Colours & NOTD

This weekend we had a few people around before going out for a night out for Elle's 21st as the main big celebration after us going to Auckland. It was a very fun night, dramatic and eventful but sure that's what makes it interesting and funny the next day!

Elle and I wore similar styled dresses so we would be twins!

These are our glittery nails..mine the hot pink, Elle's with the dark tips. Loving this and it's still on chip-free from friday. A hot pink shade of OPI with Katy Perry's OPI glitter polish over the top and voila!

In other news I coloured my hair on Thursday. I'm naturally a brunette but I have had blonde hair in my time. Over the past year or two I've dyed my hair quite a lot,always wanting to go blonder. I've put in a couple of pics of me over the past year.

Throughout my childhood I had a fringe and this time last year I took a notion to get another one! So on the left is with a full fringe and the right, a couple of months later growing into a side fringe.

On the left I had a bit of a home-dye accident where it went a gingery shade. When going blonde I know it's always safer to get it done professionally but I thought, meh it can't hurt! did! However, I actually grew to love being a 'strawberry blonde'! On New Years Day 2011 I dyed my hair brunette for the first time in absolute years. New Year new me eh? So on the right is a picture of me right before I came to New Zealand at the end of March when I re-coloured it darker...a reddy brown.

 And here we have the product of Thursday's colouring...I used nice 'n' easy foam hair colouring. I was very happy with how it is applied..So easy to do on your own! As for the's dark! I do like it though. I used the dark brown shade because I did want it dark. I am happy with the result..Elle and I look even more like twins now with our dark hair!

Recently I've been thinking about getting another full fringe.. Now that you've seen my blonde fringe what do you guys reckon? Yay or nay?!


  1. Yay too a full fringe, worst comes to it you just pull it too the side!! You'll look like even more of a hottie model!! WE are twins with our wee dresses and dark hair.. except you clearly hogged all the height!!
    I love you. <3

  2. Aww it looks like you two had a fun time!!

  3. You girls look so gorgeous, love both of your dresses!! Wow your hair looks pretty in all photos, your so lucky you can have any hair colour!! Suits you so well. I agree with Elle! You should definietly go for the fringe, a full thick fringe would look amazing! And if you don't like it you can just put it to the side :) xxx