Thursday, 19 May 2011

Auckland, Shopping & Elle

My bank balance is a little sore right now. I mean, 4 days spent in Auckland with a shopaholic by the name Elle and it would be! However, I am not complaining because I have some lovely new things to show you all.

Side note: I can't actually afford to shop here..I wish!!

Ok well first off we have our little Mac haul...

I started off with the intentions of buying "just a wee blusher"..but oh my current favourite lipstick was running out. Oh a primer? I've never tried that before..Ok I'll take that too. Oh look a pump for my foundation (I bought it during my last trip to auckland but I didn't know it had no pump!). So my Mac collection is starting to grow!

One thing that has been bothering me lately is the skin around my eyes...
My eyes are normally just..normal. Although lately they've been getting pretty sensitive and dry to the point where when i put on my makeup it looks awwwful. No matter how much I moisturise by the way. I'd just been using regular facial moisturiser but bought a neutrogena eye cream because I figured it was a good brand to start by.
But (yes, unfortunately a 'but') it made the skin around my eyes sting so much and it didn't make much of a difference to the dryness. So I mentioned to the girl who was helping us in Mac..she was very good and gave me 2 samples of eye creams and a moisture concealer too! She also recommended I go to another counter and ask for a sample so I got a clinique I could see if it stung my eyes too.

So the Mac moisture lush was good, didn't sting, and did improve the dryness. I was using it morning and night and a couple of days later, a good improvement.

 I was in a pharmacy looking to find an eye mask of some sort to also moisturise my eyes..they didn't have any but the girl did give me a sample of a different clinique moisturiser,and it's basically the size of a regular eye cream! Very happy with it so far. Also trying the garnier roll on with a concealer in it. Very happy with it also! Let the moisturise mission continue....

Anyone else had problems like these in particular the eye area?? Or am I just a mutant?!

Just some more things I picked up! 

OPI was buy the base coat get the top coat free..I'm also on a mission to strengthen my nails. They used to grow so long and strong, now they peel, eek!

So as I mentioned in my last post..I am 6 foot 1. Now..imagine me in these! I wanted a pair of these, something different than high heels. Super comfy to walk in with the wedge. Love!

I got these green tailored trousers from Glassons, along with the brown and gold belt in the photo above. I also bought a dark grey leather jacket. I tried on the black and they only had medium..the smaller grey fitted better. I planned on getting black but when I saw the grey on,it seemed less I'm happy!

We went up to the top of the sky tower aswell. Super high and actually so much fun. We took loads of pictures up here..pretending to fall and such!

So anyway I had a perfect weekend away with Elle..a million laughs, cinema, shopping, good food, finding our way around the big city..perfecto!


  1. We all love MAC oh so much don't we ;)

    Nice post <3

  2. The views from the sky tower look fantastic - not sure about the glass walk way though x

  3. Thanks Marika!
    Yeh Rachael it was kinda scary lol there was a sign saying it's as strong as the concrete we walk on but I still put just one foot on at first just to check ;) x

  4. I'm so jealous, you girls look like you had soo much fun!! I love all of you buys, I'm really interested in an eye cream too, as I am having the same problem!! You are also very brave for going up haha I would be so scared!! xx

  5. Mmmm chloe.. i think your just a mutant!;)oj babes! love ya really. i had the best time:D Twin/ Partner in crime xxxx