Friday, 3 June 2011

KE - River Valley

Ok so I am still alive, I am just completely behind on my blogging! It's because a lot of the time I'm either somewhere with limited internet..or I simply have no time! I'm having the best time just loving life on Kiwi Experience doing so many new things!

If you read my last post you'll see that I was in Taupo. Well next stop was a beautiful place called River Valley. It is in the middle of absolute nowhere! The windiest roads I've ever been on led you downhill into the valley where a beautiful homey hostel awaited us. So instead of your usual hostel with a communal kitchen,where you can't really socialise, this place had a lovely lounge room, biig open fire in the middle and sofas around the bar. Totally a chill out place.

The main reason why we go to the middle of nowhere is for the white water rafting..said to be the best place in New Zealand to do it! I had suuch an amazing time. We did Grade 5 which is the hardest you can do without being a guide or having some kind of training.

So we went down some prettyyy steep rapids, really rough that you had to hold on for dear life or else you'd fall out! However, before it even got at all rough, my friend Charlie and I fell out. It was so sudden and we didn't expect it at all! We think maybe our feet weren't wedged in enough but we both fell out and the current began to sweep us our guide had to hold out his paddle to me,and i held mine out to Charlie and had to hold on to her! Then the guide just grabbed us, one in each arm, and pulled us back into the boat! It was so cold so we were shocked for a little while, but it really was hilarous. Wish we got a photo of it!

Also we all jumped off a 9m ledge into the water, really high and really cold! 

I'm really far behind in my blogging but I'll hopefully get caught up. I'll be in Queenstown for six days so I'll take out some time to get my blog back together! Have done soo much since River Valley I'm excited to tell you all about it! :D


  1. Oh my goodness sounds like so much fun!! Bit scary about falling off, I don't really know if I'd be able to hold on!! xx

  2. Sounds like your having a brilliant trip - I wouldn't have the guts to jump off a 9m ledge so good on you!

  3. I didnt know you fell out! I wanted to do it but im a little scared.. i will one day! Miss you <3