Monday, 20 June 2011

Christchurch - Part II

I woke up on Saturday morning at 6.50am to another aftershock, 4.4. When you wake up to one you don't fully register what's happening, so I found that once the shaking stopped I just went back to sleep. It still felt surreal, the room shaking, hearing rattle sounds around the house, really kinda freaky!

That morning Lisa took me to a market where I was hoping to get one of the 'Munted' t-shirts (there's a picture in my previous blog) but unfortunately that was the one week that the man who made them chose to take a day off - typical! Not to worry, I'm going to try and order one online and get it sent to my Rotorua address, however I would have liked to have seen them properly first!

Lisa and I decided to go to one of the big shopping malls just for a look around, so we walked about, testing out different make ups in the Body Shop and a pharmacy. I was very good and didn't purchase anything because I've spent soo much recently on my Kiwi experience and all the activities I did while on it!

That night Jacqui and I were looking for something to do - a hard task when most of the city is closed! So we looked online and found that Speight's Ale House had a band called Smashbox playing who looked pretty good so we decided to eat there then stay for the band. Jacqui had blue cod fish and chips which came out in the Otago Daily Times - a really good touch! This was when I learnt blue cod isn't actually blue.... haha.

The band was really good and played music that got people up dancing. Jacqui and I had a laugh watching some people and decided you can have a really good sober night just watching drunk people!!

On Sunday we went to Hanmer Springs where they have a whole complex of thermal hot pools. This was bliss! We had a nice relaxing day broken up by going down the slides, some of which were actually kinda scary! There was one of those pitch black ones where you don't know when a corner is coming up, and another where you get dumped into a big bowl and go round and round..and round!

Me with Lisa on the left and Jacqui in the middle
That evening we went to Woodpecker's for Tim's 3rd birthday - Lisa's partner's son - where we had lovely food while the kids all played in a big ball pit next to us. I got my picture taken in the birthday seat because I turn 19 on Thursday!

My flight leaves Monday early afternoon, so I have to say goodbye to Lisa on Sunday night as I would be asleep when she leaves for work. It was sad having to say goodbye to her because she's a cousin who I've only just met from across the world and have to leave again! But I'm sure I'll see her again sometime. Same goes for Jacqui who brought me to the airport on Monday. We got coffee and hot chocolate and sat until my flight was called to go through security. I really didn't like having to say goodbye to her either - I'm not good with goodbyes whether I've known them a lifetime or a weekend!

I board my Air New Zealand plane and got a nice surprise to find it was one of the All Black planes for the Rugby World Cup with black leather seats, all very spacious! The outside is painted black and white too. New Zealand really is crazy about rugby!

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  1. I can imagine waking up to that would be really freaky!! And saying goodbye is always really sad, but I'm glad you had a good time! x