Tuesday, 14 June 2011

KE - Wellington

Hello my lovely followers...So I'm still trying to catch up on my travel FAILblog haha. Leaving River Valley was a very early start to begin the looong drive down to Welly! We have a few stop offs on the way but to be honest it was a long day, filled by sudoko puzzles and sleep!

By the time we arrive in Wellington it's late, so what better to do than to all head out! As a backpacker there are quite often 2for1 deals on, this is good when we're all strapped for cash!

Above is just a little picture of me and my two best friends on Kiwi bus, Nicole from Canada on the left, and Charlie from England on the right.

Unfortunately, it was a Sunday night so really there wasn't much open with regards to bars or clubs..but we always have a good night anyway! As some people were staying longer than one night in Wellington, we had to say a couple of goodbyes. But thankfully they were more 'See you soon' because of the big reunion ahead in Queenstown! :D ...reminds me of Dear John, a beautiful movie!

 The next morning was another very early start with the bus leaving Wellington at 7.30am in order to catch our ferry over to Picton on the south island!

Up early enough to see the beautiful sunrise over Wellington's harbour.

Charlie and I were feeling a bit tired on it this morning, but perked right up when our bus driver Matty suprised us two with bacon and hash brown butties..mmmm, made us feel far better!

The sun is rising higher over the 3 hour boat journey!

The beautiful entry into Marlborough Sounds...The entry to the mesmerizing south island!

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  1. Lovely pictures :') looks like you're having a fab time! Thankyou for the comment on my post! Take care xxx