Tuesday, 14 June 2011

KE - Westport

The next day we drive from Nelson to Westport on the west coast of the south island of New Zealand. We stopped off at a lake in Nelson's national park...and I just have to show you these photos because it is b-e-a-utiful!

A couple of brave people jumped in right off the pier. Now let me just say,there was definitely some frost on the ground in the shaded areas so it was COLD!

Charlie and I with Donald, he's 6foot10!

Charlie and I changed into our bikinis to jump in....

.....not! It was far too cold but the guys joked they were going to throw us in!
We really just wanted the photo opportunity haha!

So when we arrived in Westport we went jetboating. Cost $69 for an hour and you can take your camera on with you..while it costs over $100 for 20 minutes in Queenstown..and you have to buy the photos after! So that's one reason why we stop at Westport, for the same things but cheaper!

We found it quite amusing at the start..the boat went through fields to get to the water.. So there we were,getting towed by a tractor through fields. On a boat. Normal!

But that's exactly what Westport is like. A small country town, where everybody knows everybody.

The jetboating itself was seriously cool. We cruised at a normal pace up the river, then on the way back was full of twists and spins and almost falling out the boat! So much fun. The guys in the front row actually did almost fall out when the back of the boat went into the air at one stage on a sharp spin. Hilarious!

Just a couple of other photos I thought were cool that we found a long the way. I thought this sign post was awesome. Similar to the photo of one in my side bar! >>>>

I can safely say that Kiwi bus is like the best experience ever. You meet soo many cool people, do so many new and cool things. Love it!!!


  1. Wow the views are so amazing, you are so brave getting into a bikini, let alone people jumping in!! Haha crazy!! xx

  2. This looks amazing, i wish i could of come with you!! miss you loads hunnii beee