Friday, 24 June 2011

Best Blog and Butterfly Awards

I've been awarded two blog awards! I love finding that someone has enjoyed my blog enough to award me one of these!

First off, Rach at Island Girl Insights awarded me the Butterfly Award. Thank you!

Rules of the Award:

- write a random fact about yourself
- pass the award on
- notify the bloggers who got it

Random fact: I've just booked flights to go to Australia. Yay more adventures!

I am awarding a blog I just discovered, Anna Bell and also Megan and Katelyn at Crosswire Dreamers.

I was also awarded the Best Blog Award by both Island Girl Insights and Hannah Michelle, both really cool girls. You should check out their blogs if you haven't already!


- Link back to the person who awarded you
- Share 7 random facts (I've done this before here!)
- Award 15 blogs
- Answer the following questions:

Name your favourite colour: Pink!

Name your favourite song: I can never chose just one but I love Pretty Wings by Maxwell
Name your favourite dessert: A really yummy carrot cake, apple crumble, chocolate cake.. There's too many!
What is pissing you off? My skin is being stupid and dry no matter what I try
When you're upset, you... Go quiet

Your favourite pet: I've only ever had one rabbit and goldfish so Honey my rabbit who I used to call honeybun haha!
Black or White?: Black
Your biggest fear is...: The idea of a house fire really freaks me out
Your best feature is...: My eyes, and my long legs haha - i'm TALL
Everyday attitude: PMA - Positive Mental Attitude. Gets you places!
What is perfection? If we were perfect, we would have no room for mistakes, and then we just wouldn't be human!

Guilty pleasure: Long lie ins

I'm just going to award my couple of favourites
and my sis Elle at Ellary's Place


  1. Hello sweetie thanks so so so much for giving me an award ! I'm glad <3 But I think you forgot to write my url on your post hahaha.

  2. oh it's a link under your name,my links don't underline themselves,i should fix that. but if you hover over the names and click it does go to your page!! and you are very welcome haha x

  3. Congrats on the awards! :) And aww I have always wanted a bunny!! Especially a mini lop or dwarf! xx

  4. Ive awarded you back :D Thank u so much. Hope your well x