Tuesday, 14 June 2011

KE- Nelson

After the ferry journey I mentioned in my last post, we headed to a place called Nelson. It's a pretty cool place, we arrived at a homely hostel where the barman was an Irishman from Dublin. It's always nice to meet people from places near you when you're travelling!

What Nelson is really famous for is that in it is the geographical centre of New Zealand! It's a bit of a steep trek up a winding track leading you higher and higher. While we were all breaking a sweat, there were some clearly fit people power walking / jogging past us up such a high gradient...put us to shame!!

So we eventually made it, just in time to watch the beautiful sunset over the town of Nelson.

Myself, Tom & Charlie

The centre :)
That evening at the hostel we had a free beer tasting offered to us. I don't actually like beer very much, and neither does Charlie, so Tom ended up getting most of ours! It was fun though, a good reason for all of us to get together.

Afterwards we played some card games. Sounds dull perhaps but when we're all tired and not for going out, it can be a real laugh. We ended up playing a few games of President until the bar closed (early!) at 9pm..when we decided to watch a movie..but we all ended up going to bed early anyway after the big long day of travelling,and the super early start!

Next update - hopefully soon! x

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