Thursday, 14 April 2011

Getting Ready To Go

So amongst the important things to prepare for when you have only 2 weeks notice before going to New Zealand for 5 months, there's got to be some parties!

I worked in a pharmacy for 3 and a half years before travelling so we went out to my favourite Italian restaurant, Zios' for some yummy food!

The A-Team

My best friend Laura aka twin / sister / other tall person (im 6ft and she's 6ft2, we're often asked if we're sisters!) threw me a goodbye party. She put in a lot of effort with black and white balloons for the All Blacks, a 'Kia Ora' sign and a chocolate cake with 'Good Luck' on it too!


So this and lots more helped me prepare for my big trip. Everyone was very kind and generous giving me good luck cards and presents! :D

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