Friday, 15 April 2011

Week Two

At the beginning of this week I took a walk in the Redwoods where I got to see more of the beauutiful picture-perfect views that i loove! The views in New Zealand really do seem to be endless.

Impressive views like this one are just a simple walk away, and I really don't get this at home right on the doorstep of where I'm staying like I do here!

One thing I love to do is swimming. we went to the Blue Lake on Tuesday which was just another perfectly untouched place. However, I didn't do much swimming as again, the water was just soo cold! So I swam quickly to the platform you can kindof see in the photo and lay out in the sun..only to realise I had to jump back in after warming up to swim back again!! The next day Vincent and I went back to Mount Maunganui where I tried body boarding..which also proved quite unsuccessful! Even when I was just standing still the waves knocked me off of my feet!
But hey, I gave it a shot! That's one thing about me. I'll try everything at least once!

Another wee thing I've tried here is to eat as much dessert as I can in one sitting... AKA Death By Chocolate. Yum...There was chocolate pudding, chocolate mousse, chocolate tart, chocolate spring rolls and ice cream too. Thankfully shared between two otherwise I'd be the size of a house!!

On Friday I went to a wildlife park where they had lions and all sorts of animals. We arrived just in time to see the lions being fed. One of the staff literally threw chunks of meat over the fence. Sounds disgusting, but was really very impressing! She had a perfect throw and aim so the lions either didn't have to move at all, or just jumped up to catch it in their mouths!! I also was able to pet a lion cub..eeek! It was 18months old so already getting quite big.

Good Catch!
Good Kitty!

Whenever I was younger..Bambi was my favourite Disney it was pretty cool when I got to feed the cutest of deer!
But amongst all the animals in the whole park the one animal that stood out to me was a wallaby.
They are theee cutest ever! They ate right out of our hands and poked their little noses out of the fence.
I was verryyyy tempted to take one home :D


  1. Wallaby's are soooo cute, I love that picture! I want that death by choclate.. mmmm you and me should go one night without vincent so get prepared all over again:D

    Elle xxxx

  2. omg i cant get over the view and the cute animals!!! which btw im pretty jealous about-i love animals!! wonderful photos!! really enjoyed looking through them :)

  3. Those views are amazing, and I can imagine that water would be soo cold! Haha poor thing having to get back in!! Aww the wild life park looks great. Wallabies are super adorable :) I have never actually been up close to a deer! xx