Sunday, 3 July 2011

Night Out; Photos; Taupo Tomorrow!

Last night I went out again with Elle. Wow you'd think we never stopped partying! Normally we have a great night every night but last night it was just one of those nights where it is FAR too packed, people are pushing you around..I got drinks spilt on me twice! Grr to bulky boys who can push me and my friends about haha. Here is a picture of the two of us besties. I wore a black lacy dress (ok ok, it's Elle's but I love it!) and Elle went with a cool nautical look with a nautical ring as well!

Vincent came later that night after he'd finished work at the bar he works at.

The main reason for this post is just to show you some pictures I think are pretty cool. I regularly go onto the website we heart it and save pictures that catch my eye, so I did not create any of the below images, although I wish I did!

This is so true of life. So often when something goes wrong or against our plans we feel like it's the end of the world and we just wanna give up, especially when we're young. But from experience I know this, I had this life plan where I'd start medicine at uni September 2010, but when I didn't get in (it's extremely competitive) I was forced to either take a gap year, or chose another course. I wanted desperately to go to uni, but more so to do medicine. So I reluctantly chose to take a gap year. All my friends were going to uni and I had to begin the application process again.
Long story short, I have an unconditional offer for medicine in Glasgow in September 2011, and I am currently in New Zealand. How awesome? So now that I've seen 'the dark' I can certainly see 'the stars'. Life has a plan again. And I'm looking forward to it!

 I think these are beautiful! I really want to try this / have someone do it for me!

I love this. There's so much fakery in the world so it's always good to have a good head on you, to keep grounded, and recognise when people aren't being their true selves. That's the only person we should be!

This one speaks for itself. Everyone has regrets.
But if we look to the first picture, sometimes regrets lead to darkness but without that we might not appreciate what comes along next!

I'm ambitious, I don't give up. I'm a day dreamer with a strange as imagination! But hey, Albert Einstein was the one who said "Imagination is more important than knowledge..." and I think I'll agree with him on this one!

In other exciting news, I am going to Taupo tomorrow for two nights where I'm going SKYDIVING for my birthday with Vincent (Skydiving totally deserves capital letters....eeeek!)

Not gonna lie, I'm scared! But I'm gonna do it. So hey guys if you see a post later this week, I made it! And I'll post photos up ASAP.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend....x

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  1. Love all of those pictures! And ohh my goodness sky diving!! You'll do great. I was watching the amazing race australia the other day, and they had to go sky diving. Everyone was so scared, but each person after said it was the best experience of their life! Goodluck!! Xx