Monday, 11 July 2011

Zorb & Plans for Aus

On Saturday Elle, Liana and I went Zorbing. It was so much fun! Basically you get into a big inflatable ball... and roll down a hill. They put water in ours too so it meant the 3 of us were slipping and sliding all over the place. Very funny!

I think it originated in New Zealand but is spreading throughout the world now. So if you ever get a chance to do it, I recommend it! Can be quite expensive in some places, but it is a lot of fun!

In other news, my plans for Australia are SORTED. Vincent and I leave to go to Sydney on 26th July. We're only staying there 2 nights because the funds are low and it's a very expensive place I hear. Then we head to Brisbane to stay with Vincent's older brother. I'm very excited because I have never met him before but met all the rest of the family. So we stay there until 7th August, which gives us a chance to visit all the attractions in and around the Gold Coast such as Movie World! I'm very excited for the theme parks and also the zoo!

Also looking forward to the weather being a bit more sunny and warmer than here in New Zealand up around the Gold Coast. I don't like winter!

Have any of you ever been to Sydney or Brisbane? Any suggestions as to what we should definitely see and do?


  1. This looks like so much fun!! And yay for coming to Australia!! You are right, Sydney is super expensive, you should definitely go see the Opera House and the bridge, just those sight seeing things. And yes definitely do the theme parks! Wet n Wild is my absolute favourite, so if you can handle being in the water in winter, you should! If you are in the gold coast, go to the surfers paradise shopping centre, its amazing, or Robina if you wanna shop!! Haha sorry so much info! xx

  2. haha i love all this info! never too much. i saw wet n wild in the brochure,looks awesome! eeek you've got me all excited to go now!!xxx

  3. Yeah it was kinda disappointing :( I still like Optimus Prime though but it was kinda turn off when I saw that it was a old dude lol.....

    I know you may think its crazy how guys can be into transformers since its like robots... Us girls are not interested in those things but its actually addicting and funny! You should see the 3rd one xxx

  4. Chloe my one brief piece of advice re can pay like $300 to climb the Harbour Bride but there is a tower half way across the bridge that you can go to the top of for $5 (that was 2 years ago) and the view is exactly the same plus u get to bring ur camera...the view is amazinnn and its totally worth doing. On the bridge climb u cant bring ur camera cos its not safe - u have to buy their pictures!! I recommend doing that. Also get the ferry out to Manly Island in daylight and come back just as the suns setting and u will see the bridge and opera house all lit up!!! Have an amazing time and stay safe....we leave in 2 weeks..all NZ tips will be gratefully received!! xx